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Why is PlentySocial the best website to buy Instagram Likes?

Since PlentySocial has been in business for a while, we have provided likes to more than 30,000 Instagram influencers. 99% of our clients who have purchased likes from us have done so again and continue to do so every day.If you want to buy followers or likes on Instagram, you can rely on PlentySocial.
All the likes we provide to our clients are from actual people, some of the people who like your posts have more than 10,000 followers and are actually successful influencers on Instagram, which means that you never lose any likes on your posts.

Is it safe to buy likes for your posts?

Yes, it's completely safe, in fact, almost everyone does it these days. However, you must be sure to buy likes from a reputable company, such as PlentySocial, we follow strict guidelines and use secure methods to deliver real Instagram likes, making it 100% safe for all users.

We comply by certain rules that keep your account safe and help your posts trend on Instagram because we understand how crucial your account is to you and your reputation. The majority of our customers posts trend on Instagram when they purchase many likes.

What Countries are the likes from?

High quality likes from people in tier 1 Countries, our likes are from people worldwide, but the majority of the likes are from people in European Countries, UK or from the USA. We follow an algorithm which helps your post get better ranking the organic way. Getting likes from people in tier 1 Countries really help your posts trend in the same Countries, which is why we try to send most of the likes from people who are actually in UK, USA or Europe.

Can people find out if I purchased likes?

No one will ever know that you bought likes because the people who like your posts are all real people, and we keep all of your information confidential. We always recommend buying likes from a reliable source like us because after you buy likes from us, we make sure to follow our standards, which instruct us to make it look as natural as possible. Nobody will ever find out that you have ever purchased likes from us.

Can I get a free trial before I buy likes?

Yes, you can get 10 free Instagram likes on any of your posts before deciding whether to purchase likes from us. There isn't a better way to test out a service as you don't need to use a credit or debit card or anything, all you need to do is enter your Instagram username  to receive the free likes. When purchasing likes from us, we encourage all customers to test out our service for free, so they can see what we actually have to offer, since we want every user to be satisfied with their experience, we are providing this free likes trial.

How to get my posts more exposure faster?

We advise buying likes every time you post on Instagram if you want your posts to go viral. Using hashtags effectively will also help you grow your account more quickly. Trending your post on Instagram requires a variety of factors, including buying likes frequently and choosing the right hashtags for your post's. The probability that your Instagram post will trend improves by 30% if you purchase likes for each post you make, but as was previously mentioned, it's also critical to pick the proper hashtag before you post, and your post must always be eye catching. From a case study we conducted last year, we learned that Instagram really likes accounts that get more engagement and puts them ahead of other accounts which don't, which is why we focus on getting our users more engagement on their posts. If your posts are eye-catching, it increases your engagement on Instagram.


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Usually its instant, but we advise you to wait for 2 hours before you contact us
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Please go to and enter your email.
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This usually happens only when you have entered incorrect post url, please make sure to enter your Instagram post url correctly.
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Please make sure your account is public.