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Is it wise to buy Instagram followers?

Buying Instagram followers is a popular trend that started a few years ago, and practically all influencers now do it.
Some of our clients are well-known Instagram influencers who regularly buy followers to promote their content.

Having a strong following on Instagram might take years if you don't buy followers, so buying followers only speeds up the process.
A few of our clients just had less than 5 followers when they first joined us, but now they have millions of Instagram followers.
When you buy followers, you begin to grow faster and many individuals view your content, which benefits in your Instagram growth naturally.
When someone has a large Instagram following, they often start receiving more opportunities from other businesses to promote their product.
Having said that, purchasing followers is entirely up to you, but case studies indicate that it's a wise decision.

Why should I buy Instagram followers from PlentySocial?

There are countless advantages to buying Instagram followers from us, one of which is that you must only buy them from a reliable source like PlentySocial.
We have been in business for five years and have helped more than 30,000 influencers in reaching their Instagram marketing goals.
Furthermore, purchasing Instagram followers from PlentySocial keeps your account safe and all of our Instagram followers are from 100% real people.
Our customers always frequently repurchase followers from us because our method is completely safe and secure for all Instagram types of users.
When you purchase Instagram followers from us, you also receive a no drop protection,
which guarantees that if you lose any followers, we will replace them without charge,
we will also add new followers to your account if you go below certain number of followers.

Buy followers with Instant delivery

With PlentySocial, your delivery of followers starts instantly, so you don't have to wait around hours.
You will instantly start receiving your followers organically after placing your order with us.
Because we follow all the limits, if you purchased a big package of 5000 Instagram followers,
it may take a few hours to complete, but any small packages such as 100, 200 or 500 will be completed within 15 to 20 minutes.

Grow on Instagram the right way according to the limits

Our follower packages are hand-picked by specialists, and after providing thousands of followers,
we've determined what the appropriate limitations are for Instagram growth.
The maximum number of Instagram followers you may buy at a time is 5000, as we don't believe in bulk buying or selling.

Tips on keeping your current followers and growing more organically

When it comes to growing organically on Instagram it is very important to use correct hashtags and post regularly, posting regularly helps in keeping your followers interested, you should also experiment with your posts and see what posts are being liked by followers, that clearly gives you an idea on what kind of content you should be posting in future. When choosing hashtags it is important to find popular hashtags that are trending on Instagram that definitely helps you get some extra views on your posts and likes, you can also buy likes from us to help your posts get more exposure.

Should I buy followers from UK or USA only?

The answer is no, we recommend buying followers from worldwide as that looks more real and organic, have you ever seen? Any influencer from UK or USA only having followers from UK or USA wouldn't that would look really fake if you see that followers from worldwide definitely work better in the growth of your Instagram, we suggest all our customers not to buy targeted followers only as it won't help them grow as good as the worldwide would do it, having said that still most of our followers are from tier 1 Countries so you do not have to worry about that, but we don't control the locations of followers so they could be from anyone.

Worries about buying Instagram followers for the first time.

If you are buying followers for the first time it is normal to feel a bit anxious, many of our customers are nervous to buy at first.
If you are purchasing Instagram followers for the first time, want to buy followers in small amounts first?
We recommend purchasing a small number so that you can decide whether you like our services before placing
larger orders. We are 100% committed to client satisfaction, you can always contact us and ask us about worries you have about buying the followers we will definitely be able to help you with the right answers.

Cheapest prices in 2022

In order to make our services even more affordable to our customers, we have lowered our prices by more than 60%. To ensure that our prices are lower than all competitors, we have conducted research and looked at all of our competitors' websites and reduced our prices. You can now buy followers for an incredibly low price from us.

What has changed in 2022 when buying from PlentySocial?

We have been updating our services constantly with the help of feedback from our users, we have made changes to almost of our services we have increase the time of delivery that's why all orders start instantly now, we have also worked on the quality of followers, which is 100% real but still we make sure all the followers that come your way are real users and have a profile picture on, also the if any order is delayed for some technical reason it won't be more than 24 hours before it is completed, if not completed within 24 hours we will refund you no questions asked, we have also added a new feature if you're buying followers from UK you will be charged in GBP but if you are buying from the USA you will be charged in dollars.


How to track my order?
You can track your order by going to and enter your email there to see all your orders.
What does status processing mean?
If your order says processing means there is a short delay, that can happen due to placing multiple orders together, we recommend you to wait 12 hours now.
How long does the delivery takes?
Your delivery starts instantly, we advise you to wait at least 5 to 10 minutes before you contact us.
What do to if some of my followers disappear?
You can get a free refill from us, please contact us via live support to get new followers for free.