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Buy Views For Instagram Videos, Reels & IGTV

Buying Instagram views for videos or reels from Plentysocial is an affordable way to increase the popularity of your Instagram videos and reels.
We promise that if you buy views from us, you will receive them within 30 minutes,  if not instantly. We also offer money-back guarantee
if you don't receive any of your services you have purchased from us, Plentysocial
constantly looks for competing websites and ensures to provide better pricing
and quality from any rival, which explains why Plentysocial has
providing long-term support to Instagram influencers.

How are Instagram views counted & are the views targeted?

Instagram views counted by seconds, anyone watches your Instagram video for more than 3 seconds will be counted as a view, PlentySocial always targets people
that are interested in such videos, so they watch your videos for long and not bounce so quickly, which is why your videos can trend really quickly
on Instagram, if you buy a large quantity of views. Our views are from different countries from real users who are actually in seeing content like yours,
we find them through different ads and target to your profile.

How many views should I buy for my videos?

That depends on the results you're after, for example, if you want thousands or millions of people to see your video,
you should buy at least, 10000 views for each one.
Buying views on a regular basis also increases your chances of trending on Instagram.
Everyone wants their video to be seen by as many people as possible,
but not everyone can afford to purchase 2000 Instagram views.
In that case, you can buy as many as you can afford.
You can buy a small quantity on a regular basis, and you can still trend on Instagram, although the likelihood is somewhat lower.

Can my video views drop?

No, if you buy Instagram views from us, they won't decrease. As we already explained, all of our views are real, and once they've been processed, they shouldn't decrease.
However, if they do, contact us, and we'll fix the problem right away.

Does Instagram pay you for the views?

Unfortunately, Instagram will not pay you for the views; instead, Instagram only sells its advertising space to businesses, and those businesses, not you.
However, if you want to start making money on Instagram, you can buy Instagram followers and wait for the right chance for any brand wanting to collaborate with you and pay you for a post.

Free 30 Instagram video views trial

Don't take our word for it, check it out for yourself with a free trial from PlentySocial,
where you can get 50 free views on your desired Instagram video.
Some people could argue that getting views once is not enough to try the service,
therefore we provide you the opportunity of using the trial 3 times, you can get 50 views on any 5 videos of your choice.

Is buying Instagram views 100% safe?

There are several websites that offer to sell Instagram views, but buying them from the wrong one could put your account at risk.
It is crucial to get your views from a company like PlentySocial because our services are instant and real.
Many businesses that offer Instagram views aren't able to send views to a reel, and their customer service won't even respond to emails. However, if you purchase views from us, you are 100% covered, and all the views are real.
Additionally, if you have any questions, you can live chat with us, and we will help you 24/7 via live chat.


Will this service work on Instagram reel and IGTV as well?
Yes you can enter your igtv or reel link it will work on both.
Why is my order cancelled?
That happens when you enter incorrect link or your Instagram username instead of video link.
How long will the order take?
Most of the time its instant, please contact us if your order is not delivered within 2 hours.