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What are Instagram reels?

Instagram reels are the trendy new way to make content for the Instagram,
you can make a quick 60-second video and use all the latest filters, reels are currently more popular than Instagram videos.
Since people like watching short reels rather than lengthy videos, we have included reel likes to our site because they are in demand in 2022.
If you want to grow on Instagram, creating frequent reels would be a smart idea.

How to buy reel likes for Instagram?

It's fairly simple to buy Instagram reel likes from us. First, open the reel on your desktop or mobile device.
Then, click the three dots, and copy the reel link.
It's important to add the exact reel link, if you make any modifications to the link your order will be automatically cancelled.

How to make engaging Instagram reels?

There are many great third-party tools that may help you create your reel on Instagram,
but today we'll share three things you can add to your reels. Before creating an engaging reel,
it's important to comprehend the basics,if your reel is created professionally, you can get millions of views.

1. You can choose your own music and include it in your reel.
2. You can customize your reels with cool stickers and text.
3. Just like tiktok, you can create a slow-motion reel.

Always look for and choose catchy music to use in your reel so that people will keep playing it.
When adding text to your reel, it's important to do so in the middle and avoid putting it outside of the frame,
which is a mistake that many people make.

Is it safe to buy reel likes?

If you get reel likes from a legitimate brand like PlentySocial,
we follow the guidelines and take measures to safeguard your account, so buying reel likes is completely safe.
We have provided reel likes to thousands of users without ever experiencing a problem,
so we advise you to always get reel likes from trusted websites. Buying reel likes from an unreliable website can harm your account.
Many of our customers have now told us they bought likes from different companies and they were never delivered or paid.
The majority of companies who promise to sell Instagram reel likes do not even fulfil your order and would not even offer you a refund.

Why buy from PlentySocial?

Using our proven methods, our team at PlentySocial aims to help you increase engagement on Instagram.
Our team is available around-the-clock to handle all orders on the backend.
All orders you place with us are 100% guaranteed to deliver.
If there is a problem with your order, we will email you to let you know about it and ask you if you want a refund or if we should fix the problem and deliver your order.
We prioritise complete customer satisfaction and want to help our customers achieve their goals.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long will it take for my reel likes to deliver?
Reel likes start almost instantly, to see results please allow up to 10 minutes.
I have placed order but cannot see it in my clients area?
This can be a result of entering incorrect reel link, please make sure to copy paste the reel link.
How to track my order?
Please go to and enter your email to see all your orders.
How to get a refund?
If you are unhappy with our service, please contact us through live chat and we can give you the refund.