Top 10 cricket influencers on Instagram with the highest number of followers

Top 10 cricket influencers on Instagram with the highest number of followers

Cricket is among the most famous sports around the world. In today’s digital era of social media famous players share precious moments from their lives with fans on platforms like Instagram. This insight into the lives of players is of high value for the fans and that's the reason why many players engage with a global audience today as cricket influencers. 

While there are several popular names in the world of cricket, let's explore which players are on the top of the list of Instagram influencers with the highest follower count. 

Top 10 cricket influencers on Instagram with the highest number of followers 

Here are the top 10 cricket influencers on Instagram as per their follower count. Please note that this follower count is as per the time of writing, and it may change dynamically. 

  1. Virat Kohli 266 million followers 

Virat Kohli

A giant of modern cricket, Virat Kohli enjoys tremendous popularity. It is not just because of his fierce batting but also because of his incredible regularity across all formats of the game. He was also India's past captain who has displayed commitment, hence becoming a global cricketing super icon and an influencer. 

 2. Sachin Tendulkar 47.9 million followers 

Sachin Tendulkar

He is often described as the "god of cricket", Sachin Tendulkar played the sport for over twenty years, in which he has already broken many of the existing records. He has been highly successful in the field, and he has also been displaying his humble character, which has made people love him even more. 

   3. MS Dhoni 46.8 million followers 

MS Dhoni

He was known for his cool temperament and outstanding captainship style. MS Dhoni led India to many magnificent wins including the 2011 World Cup. He is a cricket icon with his innovations in wicketkeeping and his ability to hit the ball very powerfully. 

    4. Rohit Sharma 36.1million followers 

Rohit Sharma captains the current team of Indian cricketers. He is also known for the elegancy of his batting as well as double centuries in ODIs. 

    5. Hardik Pandya 28.8 million followers 

Hardik Pandya is an all-rounder who can not only be relied upon for superb hitting but also does bowling at a medium pace. He is a dynamic personality and performs extremely well in IPL and international cricket matches that have brought him into the limelight. 

    6. Suresh Raina 26.8 million followers 

One of the key anchors in the middle order for India. Suresh Raina used to be very attacking in his batting and was always active on the field. 

     7. AB De Villiers 24.5 million followers 

AB de Villiers is a player from South Africa who is well known for having a brave attacking style and the ability to adapt to different laws in all formats of cricket. He is referred to as "Mr. 360" for his capability to hit the ball in all directions. 

     8. Yuvraj Singh 19.5 million followers 

Yuvraj Singh, who is an all-rounder, is often adored for his courageous play and his story of his fight with cancer. The 6 sixes by him in an over remain to be a record in international cricket history. 

     9. KL Rahul 19.2 million followers 

KL Rahul is an elegant batsman and can play in all forms of the game. He has quickly become the favorite name of many cricket fans all over the world. 

     10. Shikhar Dhawan 17.7 million followers 

Shikhar Dhwan's powerful opening game and super cool temperament have earned him a huge fan base. His effort and contribution towards the Indian Cricket team in several ICC tournaments make him a leading influencer in the sports world. 


We have several famous players from different countries across the globe. However, when we look into the world of Instagram, India shows sheer dominance. It is because of the severe passion for cricket among the public. That is the reason why the majority of the leading Instagram cricket influencers are from India due to their high Instagram follower count. In fact, these players have their fanbase spread across the globe.